Stability Health seeks to assist you in monitoring and managing your diabetes between your appointments with your diabetes care clinician. To do this we provide a thorough diabetes assessment, make recommendations through a personalized care plan based on up-to-date standards of care, provide any needed diabetes education and support, as well as periodically monitor your blood sugars.

Our mission is to provide guidance to you and to support your diabetes care clinician, however we are not prescribing, we are recommending. We do not replace your clinician. As our client, you are advised to use your best judgment and consult the medical clinician who prescribes your medications prior to implementing any of our recommendations. We also ask that you keep your Stability Health coach informed of therapy changes made by your diabetes care clinicians.

If you are faced with a diabetes-related emergency, it is important that you either inform your clinician or seek emergency help as needed. Though it is our goal to help you prevent any diabetes emergency, it is important for you to be able to recognize when you are in an emergency and to seek help immediately. If you are unable to test your blood sugars and are having symptoms of hypoglycemia, follow the emergency plan developed with your diabetes clinician. Don’t hesitate to call 911. Severe hypoglycemia refers to the need for help from others to treat low blood sugar because of altered mental function, which can range from confusion and bizarre behavior to seizures and coma. If someone is unconscious and glucagon is not available, or someone does not know how to use it, call 911 immediately.

Limitations: Stability Health cannot be held responsible for any health problems that may arise because of program participation. You hereby release, indemnify and hold Stability Health harmless from all damages, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) which you may incur in connection with our recommendations (absent gross negligence). In addition, you will not hold Stability Health accountable for the performance of any devices used during diabetes management, including but not limited to blood glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps and any related software.

Privacy: Stability Health will not share information about you or your medical background with anyone, including your family, employers, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, medical product manufacturers and market research companies, without your prior authorization.