How It Works


We built an innovative diabetes care service for today and tomorrow.

We support patients and clinicians with a process modeled for holistic, high-value care. Here’s how it works.

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Enrollment & Onboarding

  • A clinician or care team member identifies an appropriate patient and refers them to Stability Health. The patient gains an understanding of Stability Health as an extension of their care team’s services, delivering interim care support and expertise.
  • Stability Health reaches out to the patient to begin enrollment.
  • Over a phone or video call, we help the patient set up their Stability Health tech-enabled tool connections and methods for easy coach communication.

Our service is designed to meet patients where they are within their diabetes care support and technology literacy. We can work with a variety of devices and methods of communication.

A woman discusses her onboarding process with her doctor

Comprehensive Assessment

  • Stability Health matches the patient with a dedicated diabetes health coach.
  • The Stability Health coach begins to build a relationship with the patient, establishing goals, concerns, health and wellness values, and a positive rapport.
  • The coach schedules and completes an endocrinologist-directed, comprehensive health assessment by phone or video call. This includes a review of the patient’s current relevant labs, medications, weight history, diet plans, exercise level, and other pertinent health habits.


Designing the Personalized Care Plan

  • Using data gathered from the assessment, Stability Health’s endocrinologist-led team designs the patient’s personalized care plan.
  • The patient reviews their care plan with their Stability Health coach, who answers any questions and helps the patient develop specific health goals.
  • Concurrently, Stability Health delivers the patient’s unique care plan to their clinician, including specific, therapeutic-focused considerations.
A woman discusses her care plan with her coach

Patient Care Support & Engagement

  • Using blood glucose monitors, insulin pumps, and other digital health devices, the patient regularly shares their blood glucose and other physiologic data with their Stability Health coach.
  • The patient tracks their habits and progress through the Stability Health mobile app or via preferred communication with their coach.
  • The Stability Health personal coach assists with guided goal setting, motivation, targeted education, check-ins for reassessments, and progress tracking.
  • The clinician and their care team receive routine status updates on the patient’s progress and glucose data ahead of their next scheduled clinic visit — or sooner if more timely intervention is warranted.
  • If necessary, the Stability Health team of diabetes experts will offer medication or treatment recommendations to the clinician, according to clinical practice guidelines.
  • Clinical and self-management success signals a patient’s readiness for the engagement phase.
A woman discusses her care plan with her doctor


Intervention Management

  • The Stability Health coach maintains a supportive, motivational relationship with the patient and continues to track their progress.
  • Based on changes in the patient’s status, Stability Health experts use advanced technology tools, analytics, and years of clinical experience to help determine if adjustments in care are needed. Stability Health will communicate these actionable recommendations to the clinician.
  • If the patient encounters a clinical or life change that affects their progress, the Stability Health team can support them in re-entering the Accelerated Guidance Phase.
  • Since both diabetes and life circumstances can evolve, Stability Health is there to proactively help both patients and clinicians navigate changes in care.

Our Digital Operating System

Timely data, patient goal-tracking, and clinician guidance — all in one convenient place.

While innovative technology powers our diabetes care model, we designed Stability Health so that every patient gets the individual support and expert input they need between clinic visits. We work with each patient and their clinician to find health solutions that work for their unique situation. Our integrated Digital Operating System is composed of:


Mobile app that supports patient engagement

We deliver complete virtual support that’s consistent and scalable – so clinicians can care for more patients with fewer resources.

Key Components of Patient Success

Inclusive of both clinician and patient participation, Stability Health is a true collaborative partner.

We understand that diabetes care can be challenging and involves a lifelong commitment to healthy behaviors. Stability Health patients are continuously supported and encouraged, making self-management less intimidating and enabling care outcomes to improve.

Stability Health succeeds when these three components work together:


  • Stability Health has changed me from a person who didn’t like to take their [blood glucose] scores to someone who does it quite regularly. If I got on a different insurance plan and they didn't offer Stability Health, I would pay for it.

  • I’ve struggled with diabetes since I was nine years old and I can honestly say that the quality of support that my Stability Health coach gives me, is the best care I’ve ever received. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and she truly cares about me and about helping me to make some needed changes that I believe are improving my health and my life. I just appreciate her and the program so much.

  • With diabetes, you feel like you’re in it all alone. Now I always feel like there’s somebody looking over me.

  • I didn't have any support. It would be just me going to a doctor every 6 months, and if anything happened within that time before my next check up it would result in me going to the hospital.

  • Stability Health helps us support patients who are struggling with their diabetes. It’s like having another pair of eyes and ears on a patient, mentioning other things that might help, catching things we might miss. There’s an incredible need for companies like Stability Health to get into this space and help us take care of these patients.

  • Coach is outstanding - Caring, professional, intellectually stimulating, and knowledgeable in so much.

  • [My coach] double checks on me to make sure I’m doing well — you don’t always get that from a doctor.

  • They have done more than I ever expected. It isn't about prescriptions or anything else. Coaching and consulting can't get any better. [My coach] is like my conscious, and I can talk to her about anything.

  • Stability Health addresses one of the most critical health care needs in the U.S.

  • Judgment-free consultations. It is not bad behavior and you don't want to be told you are not doing everything you can, and you don't want to feel like you are failing. That is probably the biggest thing about Stability Health.


Stability Health was named one of 2021’s Best Tech Startups in Worcester, MA.


Stability Health is accredited by the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES).


Stability Health is certified by the Compliancy Group.

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