Engagement is Key to Better Care & Health Outcomes

Recently, the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) published an article in its flagship publication, The Group Practice Journal, about the importance of engaging both patients and clinical care teams in managing chronic conditions. The article was co-written by Stability Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Peggy Chou, MD, MBA.

Chou explains that engaging these patients between medical appointments with digital health platforms overseen by trained and certified health coaches can help solve this problem, particularly when paired with an existing medical group.

According to Chou, “Engagement is key. Engaged patients are more successful in managing their medical condition and more profitable to healthcare organizations. Clinicians who are more engaged are more effective and less likely to suffer from burnout.”

As Stability Health’s health coach, Susan MacLean, a registered dietician and certified diabetes and care education specialist and an integral part of the Stability Health team, explained, ““It is so gratifying to develop a rapport and work with patients on lifestyle and behavior change. The results from the patient’s efforts alone are remarkable, but being able to support their provider as well, with updates and recommendations, takes the progress to a whole new level. It’s an effective, collaborative model that empowers the patient and supports the provider. It makes me feel great at the end of the day. A win/win/win!”

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Stability Health’s chief medical officer, Peggy Chou, explains the importance of keeping both patients and clinicians engaged and supported in the delivery of healthcare.