At Stability Health, our mission is to provide you with the input and support you need to achieve outstanding diabetes care outcomes for your patients. Stability Health diabetes specialists recognize that busy practitioners can feel lost in the ever more complex maze of blood glucose monitoring tools and medical regimens, not to mention the complex and ever-changing financial systems such that the care provider never knows which meds will be supported for any given patient. Your Stability Health team will provide you with the data and plans you need, at no expense—in time or money—from you.

How do we do it?

Due to our unique business model, Stability Health can deliver a valuable benefit for those who pay for care. Healthcare payers know that patients with diabetes represent a minority of their covered lives, and yet these same patients account for a very large part of their annual health care expenditure. Nearly half of care costs for individuals with diabetes cover visits to the emergency department, calls to EMTs, and inpatient hospital stays—all which can be mitigated by proactive and responsive outpatient care. Stability Health has negotiated a “shared savings” plan with payers, such that we “win” when your patients are achieving better health outcomes. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to keep your patients out of the ER and hospitals, so they can happily enjoy life.

Stability Health has developed a proprietary system of care management tools and technology that will efficiently:

  • Gather all the participants' diabetes-relevant medical history.
  • Create easy information sharing pathways between Stability Health participants and our system so that relevant healthcare metrics are regularly updated.
  • Oversee and risk stratify the population with diabetes — each participant will be assigned a blood glucose reporting frequency, and Stability Health will ensure that data remains relevant and up to date.
  • Develop a diabetes care plan implementing effective and affordable treatments, which will be shared with the participant, and with you, by utilizing Stability Health diabetes expertise and patient history. Stability Health does not practice medicine, but will support you in your practice.
  • Continuously monitor relevant data and, as needed, recommend changes to be made in your patient’s care plan.
  • Provide, at no cost, diabetes-specific education to the participant where and when convenient—with iteration as necessary.
  • Help your patient better prepare for each appointment and provide you with actionable information that helps maximize the visit as well.